DG Living Quarters

How we faced the challenge of redesigning a website for DG Living Quarters to meet the needs of many different audiences.

DG Living Quarters

Out with the Old

DG Living Quarters came to use after their old website was abandoned with a former developing company. DG Living Quarters works with clients to develop outstanding converted living quarters, in order to improve people’s experiences while traveling. They had spent a lot of time and money on their project with no results. We stepped in and got right to work completely updating their older outdated website.

Audience Analysis

User profiles were used to describe the various target audiences/groups that would visit the website, enabling content and navigation menus to be segmented based on individual requirements. A website can be a major selling point for clients if it effectively communicates to users how its functions and content support their needs while making their lives a little easier.

Long term connections

We’ve now formed a close working relationship with DG Living Quarters and continue to work on any projects they come across.

We are very happy to keep working with Imbue and to recommend them to other organisations.

Gaill Schlusser
DG Living Quarters