How we created a ground-breaking re-design & build of an aftermarket car part site – the first to move to responsive design.

DG Living Quarters

The ‘one web’ world

We were approached by RWERKS to undertake the front-end development of their website. RWERKS has developed and produced tons of aftermarket car parts.

Our passion for ‘one web’ – whereby every site works perfectly on every device that tries to access it – helped make our services the perfect match for their needs. We have been working this since 2011 and have a strong portfolio of responsive design case studies and a streamlined process to help keep the cost of development affordable.

Working in partnership

We collaborated with the RWERKS to build a website with particular emphasis on accessible content and fast performance. Using our extensive experience, we were able to help craft and refine the initial content to work seamlessly online. This involved adapting the designs that we supplied to consider how best the site would respond to the different devices and resolutions.

Style guide

In addition to the webpage template development we also created a comprehensive style guide as a reference document to support site editors. This documented all available content styles and ensured every item could be re-used when placed in different contexts.

It was vital that our website enabled quick and clear access to product information — we were absolutely delighted with the outcome.

Mark Madson